Vermont Castings Gifford Wood Insert

The Vermont Castings Gifford Wood Insert is a robust and efficient heating solution that seamlessly fits into your existing fireplace. Designed with a blend of traditional charm and modern technology, this wood insert enhances the ambiance of your home while providing efficient heating.


  1. EPA Certified: The insert is designed for clean and environmentally friendly operation, meeting strict EPA emissions standards.
  2. Catalytic Combustion: This technology helps increase efficiency by burning off gases and smoke that would otherwise be lost up the chimney.
  3. Airwash System: This system helps maintain a clean viewing window, offering an unobstructed view of the flames.
  4. Cast Iron Construction: The durable cast iron construction ensures longevity and retains heat for longer periods, enhancing efficiency.
  5. Large Firebox: The large firebox accommodates logs up to 20 inches, reducing the frequency of refueling.
  6. Variable Speed Fan: The fan’s speed can be adjusted for optimal heat distribution.


  1. Surround Panels: Available in different sizes to fit your existing fireplace perfectly.
  2. Trim Kits: Choose from classic black, biscuit, majolica brown, or Bordeaux to match your home decor.
  3. Spark Screen: An optional spark screen can be added for an open fire experience.


  1. Fuel Type: Wood
  2. Heating Capacity: Up to 1,300 square feet.
  3. BTU: Up to 37,000 BTUs.
  4. Efficiency: Up to 70%.

Professional installation is recommended and must be done in accordance with local codes and regulations. The specifications can vary depending on the model and region. Always refer to the owner’s manual for complete and accurate information.

The Vermont Castings Gifford Wood Insert is the perfect choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade their fireplace with a stylish and efficient heating solution. Its traditional design combined with modern heating technology brings both warmth and character to your living space.

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