Stuv 21

Stuv 21 Wood Stove Fireplace: A Harmonious Blend of Style and Functionality

Overview: Embrace the sophisticated warmth of the Stuv 21 Wood Stove Fireplace, a marvel of contemporary design and heating efficiency. Crafted for discerning homeowners, the Stuv 21 is more than a mere fireplace; it’s an architectural feature, enhancing the ambiance of any room with its elegant presence and comforting warmth.

Key Features:

  1. Sleek, Frameless Design: The Stuv 21 stands out with its frameless design, offering a clean, unobstructed view of the crackling fire. This minimalist approach allows the natural beauty of the flames to take center stage, creating a captivating focal point in your home.
  2. High-Efficiency Combustion: Engineered for optimal performance, this fireplace utilizes advanced combustion technology to maximize heat output from wood. This means higher efficiency, reduced wood consumption, and lower emissions, aligning with both your heating needs and environmental consciousness.
  3. Customizable Installation: The Stuv 21 can be installed in various ways to suit your space and design preferences. Options include built-in or freestanding installations, with different finishes and materials to complement your interior design.
  4. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Thoughtfully designed, the Stuv 21 features easy-to-operate controls for air flow and combustion, as well as convenient access for cleaning and maintenance. This user-friendly approach ensures a hassle-free experience and consistent performance.
  5. Safe and Durable: Safety is paramount in the design of the Stuv 21. Built with high-quality materials and adhering to strict safety standards, this fireplace is a reliable and long-lasting addition to your home.


  • Heat Output: [Specific to model]
  • Efficiency: Up to 75-80%
  • Material: Premium steel with high-temperature resistant glass
  • Dimensions: [Dependent on model]
  • Certification: EPA Certified

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners seeking a modern, efficient heating solution
  • Design enthusiasts looking for a fireplace that makes a statement
  • Spaces where ambiance and warmth are desired without sacrificing style

In the Box:

  • Stuv 21 Wood Stove Fireplace
  • Installation and Operating Manual
  • Warranty Information

Warranty and Support: The Stuv 21 comes with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. Our dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist with any installation or operational questions.

Elevate your living environment with the Stuv 21 Wood Stove Fireplace – where elegance meets efficiency.

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