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A Samsung Exclusive Dealer

A Samsung Exclusive Dealer

Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ technology

In accordance with the definition of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), still air is an air flow moving at a speed of 0.15 m/s or slower, without creating cold drafts.


WindFree™ Cooling

Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ technology is the only system that uses “still air” to create an evenly cool and comfortable environment across a whole occupied zone.*

Windfree™ Wall Mounted

Stay comfortable with no direct draft, optimizing the temperature, humidity and purity.

Windfree™ 4Way

Cools effectively with no direct wind, keeps you comfortable with less energy.

Windfree™ 1Way

Save space & money. Feel more comfortable.

360 Cassette

Circular design, omni-direction wind. All new innovations for added style and comfort.


Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

True Comfort

WindFree™ technology creates a much gentler and milder air flow, evenly distributed through tens of thousands of micro holes, so people in the room feel almost no wind – just comfortable cool air.

Energy/Cost Saving

When operating in WindFree™ mode, the outdoor unit consumes only minimal power using less electricity compared to the Normal cooling mode*. So you can stay comfortably cool without worrying about your electricity bills.

Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge
Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

Less Noise

The low-speed WindFree™ Cooling features a quiet operation that minimizes ambient noise, so it generates significantly less detectable sound than the Normal cooling mode. Its low noise level is proven by rigid tests on each model in an anechoic room*.


Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

Wall Mounted

Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

1Way Cassette

Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

4Way Cassette

Samsung Split Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge

360 Cassette

WINDFree 3.0e

  • Available Capacities (Btu/h)
  • 7K¹ / 9K / 12K / 15K / 18K / 24K
Samsung Heat Pump - The Heating Lodge

The coolest technology you’ll never feel.

At Samsung, we always strive to deliver the best in heating and cooling. For that reason, our new WindFree™* 3.0e has been upgraded to perform even more amazingly in any setting. If you’re looking for a residential HVAC solution, the WindFree™* 3.0e is an excellent choice.

For commercial HVAC systems, we offer an array of WindFree™* solutions you can check out here.

Samsung Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge


WindFree™* Cooling technology maintains the desired temperature in your home and eliminates cold drafts and reduces energy use by delivering air through micro holes on the indoor unit to produce a dispersed and gentle flow of air defined as “still air.”


Our WindFree™* 3.0e unit comes with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing voice control with Bixby 2.0^ and monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection through Samsung’s SmartThings app. Users can remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed.

Samsung Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge
Samsung Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge


AI Auto Mode monitors factors such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, set temperature, and operating time to learn the patterns within your home to automatically adjust system operation to maximize occupant comfort, modernizing residential HVAC systems.

Samsung Heat Pumps

Samsung split heat pumps are heating and cooling systems that consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the air and sends it to the indoor units, which distribute the heat throughout the building. These systems use inverter technology to maintain a consistent temperature and are highly energy-efficient, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Samsung split heat pumps are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, and are known for their quiet operation, making them a great choice for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Samsung Heat Pumps - The Heating Lodge