Enviro G39

The Enviro G39 Gas Fireplace is a state-of-the-art heating appliance that combines elegance, efficiency, and convenience. It is designed to provide a cozy and realistic flame experience while offering excellent heat output and control. With its advanced features and sleek design, the G39 Gas Fireplace is a perfect addition to any home.

Key Features:

  1. Realistic Flame: The G39 Gas Fireplace showcases a stunning, lifelike flame that mimics the natural beauty of a wood-burning fire. The flames dance and flicker, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
  2. Efficient Heating: This fireplace utilizes advanced gas burner technology to provide efficient heat output. It has a high heat output capacity, making it an excellent primary or supplemental heat source for your home.
  3. Heat Control: The G39 Gas Fireplace offers precise heat control, allowing you to adjust the flame height and heat output to your desired comfort level. It features a built-in thermostat and a multi-speed blower for efficient heat distribution.
  4. Multiple Viewing Angles: With its large, unobstructed viewing area, the G39 Gas Fireplace allows you to enjoy the beauty of the flames from multiple angles. It provides an immersive and captivating fire-viewing experience.
  5. Safety Features: Enviro prioritizes safety, and the G39 Gas Fireplace is equipped with various safety features. It includes a safety screen barrier, a safety pilot system, and an automatic shut-off function, ensuring peace of mind while enjoying the fire.


  • Heat Output: The G39 Gas Fireplace produces up to X BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat, capable of warming a large area effectively.
  • Fuel Type: It is a natural gas or propane-fueled fireplace, offering versatility to suit your energy preferences.
  • Ignition System: The fireplace is equipped with an electronic ignition system, providing quick and reliable ignition at the push of a button.
  • Venting Options: The G39 Gas Fireplace offers both top and rear venting options, allowing for flexible installation in various settings.
  • Dimensions: The fireplace has approximate dimensions of X inches in width, X inches in height, and X inches in depth, making it suitable for different room sizes.


  1. Decorative Panels: You can personalize your G39 Gas Fireplace by choosing from a range of decorative panels, including brick, stone, or reflective porcelain options. These panels enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace and complement your home décor.
  2. Remote Control: For added convenience, you have the option to include a remote control with the G39 Gas Fireplace. This allows you to adjust the flame height and heat output from the comfort of your couch.
  3. Variable Speed Blower: You can upgrade the fireplace with a variable speed blower that helps distribute heat more efficiently throughout the room. This option ensures even warmth and maximizes the fireplace’s heating capabilities.
  4. Thermostat Remote: Another available option is a thermostat remote control, which allows you to set and maintain a specific temperature for optimal comfort. It provides seamless control over the fireplace’s heating function.

The Enviro G39 Gas Fireplace is a remarkable heating appliance that combines aesthetic appeal, efficient heating, and advanced features. It is designed to elevate the ambiance of any space while providing reliable warmth and comfort.

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