Enviro E44

The Enviro E44 Gas Fireplace Insert is a luxurious and high-performance heating solution that brings both elegance and warmth to your living space. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this fireplace insert offers an exceptional combination of style and functionality. Here is a comprehensive description of its features, specifications, and available options:


  1. Direct Vent Technology: The Enviro E44 utilizes a direct vent system, ensuring that the combustion air is drawn from outside the home. This feature enhances indoor air quality and maximizes heating efficiency.
  2. Impressive Heat Output: Equipped with a powerful burner, the E44 can generate up to 44,000 BTUs of heat, making it ideal for heating larger areas or open floor plans with ease.
  3. Realistic Flame Effects: This fireplace insert offers a mesmerizing flame display that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The realistic flame pattern, complemented by high-definition log sets, creates an authentic and inviting ambiance in your home.
  4. Dual Burner System: The E44 features a dual burner system, allowing you to control the intensity and height of the flames. This feature adds versatility and customization options to create the perfect atmosphere.
  5. Heat Distribution: The built-in variable speed blower ensures efficient heat distribution throughout the room, ensuring consistent warmth and comfort.
  6. Convenient Controls: The E44 comes with a user-friendly remote control, allowing you to adjust the heat output, flame height, and blower speed conveniently from anywhere in the room.
  7. Safety Features: Safety is a priority with the E44, featuring a safety shut-off valve, a protective safety screen, and a cool-touch glass front for added peace of mind.


  1. Heating Capacity: The E44 can effectively heat a spacious area of up to 2,000 square feet, providing ample warmth for larger living spaces.
  2. Efficiency: With an impressive efficiency rating of up to 85%, this fireplace insert offers exceptional heat output while minimizing fuel consumption.
  3. Fuel Type: It operates using either natural gas or propane, providing flexibility in fuel choice based on your preferences and availability.
  4. Dimensions: The insert has dimensions of approximately 33 inches wide, 25 inches high, and 18 inches deep, making it suitable for most standard fireplace openings.
  5. Venting Options: The E44 offers multiple venting options, including top venting or rear venting, allowing for versatile installation in various settings.


  1. Decorative Panels: The E44 offers a range of decorative panel options, including classic black, brushed nickel, and copper, allowing you to customize the appearance to match your style and home décor.
  2. Thermostat Control: You can opt for a wall-mounted or remote-controlled thermostat for precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience.
  3. Surround Trim Kits: To achieve a seamless and integrated look, surround trim kits are available in different finishes, such as black, brushed nickel, or copper, allowing you to tailor the aesthetics to your preference.

The Enviro E44 Gas Fireplace Insert is a premium heating solution that seamlessly combines exceptional performance, stunning visuals, and customizable options. Whether you desire a cozy and elegant addition to your home or a powerful heat source for larger spaces, the E44 is designed to exceed expectations and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

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