Enviro E33

The Enviro E33 Gas Fireplace Insert is a highly efficient and stylish heating solution that combines advanced technology with a sleek design. It is designed to be inserted into an existing fireplace, instantly transforming it into a beautiful and functional centerpiece for your home. Here is a detailed description of its features, specifications, and available options:


  1. High-efficiency heating: The E33 Gas Fireplace Insert utilizes a direct vent system, which draws in fresh air from outside for combustion and expels the exhaust gases. This results in efficient heating with minimal heat loss and improved indoor air quality.
  2. Realistic flame presentation: With its high-definition log set and realistic flame pattern, the fireplace insert creates a cozy and inviting ambiance, resembling a traditional wood-burning fire.
  3. Multiple flame settings: The unit offers adjustable flame height and intensity, allowing you to customize the appearance of the fire to suit your preferences and mood.
  4. Heat distribution options: The fireplace insert provides multiple heat distribution options, including a built-in variable-speed blower that circulates warm air throughout the room. This ensures consistent and comfortable heat distribution.
  5. Remote control operation: The unit comes with a user-friendly remote control, allowing you to adjust the flame, heat output, and other settings from the comfort of your couch or chair.
  6. Safety features: The E33 Gas Fireplace Insert is equipped with several safety features, such as a built-in safety screen and an automatic shut-off system that activates in the event of overheating or a loss of combustion.


  1. Heat output: The E33 Gas Fireplace Insert has a maximum heat output of 30,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour, making it suitable for heating medium to large-sized rooms.
  2. Fuel type: It operates using natural gas or propane, offering flexibility in fuel choice.
  3. Efficiency rating: The fireplace insert boasts an impressive efficiency rating of up to 85%, ensuring that the majority of the fuel is converted into usable heat.
  4. Venting: The unit requires a dedicated venting system, such as a vertical or horizontal direct vent, which can be installed through an exterior wall or roof.
  5. Dimensions: The fireplace insert has approximate dimensions of 33 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 21 inches high, making it compatible with a wide range of fireplace openings.


  1. Decorative panels: You can personalize the appearance of your fireplace insert by choosing from a variety of decorative panels, including traditional brick, modern reflective glass, or black porcelain.
  2. Remote thermostat: An optional remote thermostat allows you to set and maintain a desired temperature in the room, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
  3. Variable-speed fan control: This option allows you to adjust the speed of the blower fan, giving you greater control over the heat distribution and noise level.
  4. Surround trim options: The unit offers various surround trim options, such as black, brushed nickel, or antique brass, to complement your home decor and fireplace surround.

The Enviro E33 Gas Fireplace Insert combines efficiency, convenience, and aesthetic appeal to provide a stunning heating solution for your home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing fireplace or add a touch of elegance to your living space, this fireplace insert is designed to meet your heating needs while enhancing the overall ambiance of your home.

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